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The Message

The Message

Oct 15, 2014


The killing of African-American, unarmed men, women and children by law enforcement or white civilians is nothing new. In reality, it’s the 2014 version of lynching. What is lynching? Lynching is killing someone for an alleged offense without a legal trial. For example, Eric Garner allegedly was selling loose cigarettes, Mike Brown allegedly stole cigarillos, Trayvon Martin allegedly attacked Zimmerman first and I could go on but the way they were killed sounds like lynching to me. Did you know that 200+ anti-lynching bills were presented since 1900 but it was not approved until 2005? Also, The Hate Crime Statistics Act was not passed until 2009! Therefore, the only difference between 1924 and 2014 is the presence of social media, DNA/forensic evidence, surveillance cameras and laws created to protect us. Even with all of those advancements, unarmed African-American/Hispanic victims and their families do not get justice.


Social media is a powerful tool because information, pictures and video can be uploaded and shared in real-time. Sometimes, traditional media outlets use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to report their stories. This is a great way to quickly spread the word of an incident of injustice around the world. We do not have to wait for local and/or national news stations to report information provided by law enforcement. Even with a dead body on the ground, no weapon in sight; most police officers are not found guilty. Forensic evidence can be used as proof to confirm a cop used excessive force. Even with this proof, there’s a possibility he’ll remain a free man. Surveillance and/or a dash camera footage could show a white police officer shooting a Black/Hispanic unarmed man 12 times yet; the officer involved could be cleared of all charges.


The message: White supremacy is here to stay because we have law enforcement and the government on our side. What are you n****** gonna do about it?

What ARE we going to do about it? Your thoughts?