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Fathers, We NEED You….

Fathers, We NEED You….

Sep 18, 2013

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by the standoff incident in Durham, NC which ended fatally. Derek Walker expressed his suicidal thoughts via Facebook less than 24 hours before the incident occurred. I do not know the specifics of his custody dispute and will not speak negatively regarding his son’s mother but I do know that he lost custody of his son.



Fathers, We NEED You…

Yes, fathers we need you but don’t mistake that for “we need a man.” I think some women let their egos get the best of them. “I don’t need a man.” Ok….but your child needs his/her father. They don’t want to admit they need their children’s father for support because that may come off as if they need a man. Ladies, we need all of the positive support we can get while raising our children during these difficult times. (Especially if you are raising a man.) It’s disheartening to see women pawn their children to get under the skin of the father. If he does not want you, accept that! If he has moved on to another chic, accept that! Don’t try to take him through the wringer because of his love or lust life and/or you are bitter for other reasons. If a man is challenging you for custody of your child, WORK WITH HIM. How many young men that you know of even care about having custody of their child?

Even as adult, I need and want love, support and affection from my father.

Fathers, We NEED You…. It’s never too late to bond with your children.