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Ethiopian Teen Tortured To Death By Adoptive Parents!

Ethiopian Teen Tortured To Death By Adoptive Parents!

Sep 17, 2013


“The girl was forced to sleep in a closet, use an outhouse, eat cold and frozen vegetables and wet peanut butter sandwiches,” he said. “It’s a litany of things we believe qualify as torture.” states Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney Rich Weyrich. Before her death, Hana had also lost a quarter of her body weight. According to Weyrich, the girl went from 108 to 78 pounds before she eventually died of hypothermia. The couple will be sentenced in October, and according to Washington sentencing guidelines, Weyrich said they could face decades in prison. Tests conducted on Hana’s teeth and bones gave varying estimates of her age, which was a significant fact in the case, because a homicide by abuse charge applies only if the victim is younger than 16 years old. Read the entire story here:


Wow…..just….wow! If I yell at my son too much, I feel guilty. Therefore, I couldn’t imagine doing anything like this to him or other children. You know, this young girl probably thought she was going to live a safe, comfortable life here in the states but boy was she wrong! When I look into her eyes, I see an innocent, beautiful young lady with a bright future ahead of her. With that face and smile, she would have been going places.

Unfortunately, with all of the services and support options, child abuse is on the rise.



Those numbers are quite disturbing! Child abuse and neglect is EVERYONE’s business. When a child is abused, they abuse other children and abused children grow up to be child abusers. These are the types of children who are are around your children and you don’t even know it. You can report child abuse and neglect anonymously: “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

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