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Pay Homage: Michael Baisden

Pay Homage: Michael Baisden

Mar 21, 2013


Michael Baisden is known as a radio personality and public speaker but he’s also a community activist, role model and author. “The Michael Baisden Show” was one of the few radio shows that I could listen to everyday with my 13 yr old son. When I heard that his show was cancelled abruptly, I didn’t want to believe it! Baisden didn’t mind getting out there in the streets and talk WITH the people, not TO the people. He discussed topics such as molestation, civil rights, religion, corrupt leaders, entrepreneurship and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Baisden, Al Sharpton and other community activist marching for Jena 6

Michael Baisden, Al Sharpton and other community activist marching for Jena 6

On September 20, 2007, Baisden spearheaded the historic “Jena 6 March” in Jena, Louisiana.  Tens of thousands of citizens, community activist and celebrities of all races peacefully marched in support of six young men who were unfairly treated by the justice system. In addition, he urged millions of listeners to wear black on September 20th in protest of unequal justice. The news traveled throughout the country, everyone wore black in support of the Jena 6, from college students of all races to corporate executives.


“The videotaped beating of Chicago teen Derrion Albert was truly the final straw for me,” said Baisden. “After seeing it broadcast repeatedly on national news I knew I needed to step up and get involved personally in the effort to save our kids. My hope is that by touring across the country, this national mentoring campaign will have an impact on some of these young people who need caring adults involved in their lives.” In December 2009 Michael called for a National Mentor Training Day and announced his plans for a 2010 nationwide campaign. He pledged up to $350,000 of his own money to be donated in over 72 markets he would visit on a bus tour. The outreach was named “One Million Mentors National Campaign To Save Our Kids.” Michael challenged his listeners to match or beat his donations and get involved. In October 2010 President Barack Obama publicly congratulated Michael on his efforts. He founded the Michael Baisden Foundation focusing on education, literacy and technology.

Michael Baisden, Dick Gregory, Trayvon Martin's family and their attorney during "The Trayvon Martin Rally."

Michael Baisden, Dick Gregory, Al Sharpton, Trayvon Martin’s family and their attorney

My most memorable “Baisden Moment” was last year when he dedicated a HUGE amount of air time to bring awareness to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident. I didn’t hear anything about the unfortunate incident until I tuned into “The Michael Baisden Show.” I am not saying that his radio show was the first to report it, but he definitely spent more air time than any other syndicated radio show I listened to. He encouraged us to spread the word, get involved and demand justice. On this day, last year, Michael Baisden along with the parents of Trayvon Martin, Attorney Benjamin Crump and Rev. Al Sharpton headed “The National Rally for Justice” on behalf of Trayvon Martin. Baisden continues to keep his listeners/fans up to date with any new developments regarding this case.

Michael Baisden and George Wilborn

Michael Baisden and George Wilborn

“The Michael Baisden” show is cancelled but this is not a final goodbye! Read Michael Baisden’s letter to his supporters:

“To My Radio Family: The Michael Baisden Show Has Officially Been Cancelled!

We were unable to reach an agreement with our syndication partner Cumulus Media. This was not a hostile situation, sometimes parties have different ideas and visions about how to move forward. So, there is no need for petitions and boycotts.

My only issue was that after 10 years or discussing important issues like domestic violence, missing children, leading civil rights marches like The Jena 6, campaigning for mentoring programs on a 70 city bus tour and donating 350,000 of my own money, helping to elect and re-elect our President, and standing up to lead the rally for justice for Trayvon Martin, that I would at least be allowed to finish the show through next Friday. Now that’s some Fragernackle bull!

I was excited about next week’s interviews with our affiliate program directors and general managers, celebrities, B Side artist, Rev Sharpton, Congressman John Lewis, Iyanla Vanzants, The President and First Lady, and most importantly, you, our radio family.

Unfortunately, that did not happen so you will hear reruns through next Friday. Then beginning on April 1st, there will be another show on the air. To the owners of Cumulus I offer you this quote:

“How someone treats you is their Karma, how you respond is yours.” . ~Wayne Dyer

So, my Karma inspires me to say this, “Thank you to all my advertisers, my affiliates, and my listeners. I will keep the positivity flowing on Facebook and Twitter until my return, because I will be back!

And next time their will be no middlemen between me, my affiliates, and most importantly, my radio family. The next chapter has already begun and it’s going to bright for everyone involved!

We may not have been given the chance to have a going away party, but the welcome back party is going to be “THE BOMB! ~ Michael Baisden

P.S. I will post this once a day until the show ends next Friday March 29th, to remind everyone about the truth of what really happened with my show. Radio will only thrive when there is true competition and not a handful of broadcasters dictating what you hear on the radio. So, to all you DJ’s you better step your game up because Michael, Uncle George, and Juan D are coming back—In the MORNINGS OR AFTERNOONS!!!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT!”



Michael Baisden, thank you for all you do and as one of your biggest fans, I look forward to hearing/seeing more of you! Remember, in all things give thanks. Live…Love…Do…