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Celebrating You!

Why yes, I AM black!

Why yes, I AM black!

Jun 7, 2011

Why yes, I AM black
You chocolate girl, you cinnamon twist, you high yella, you light bright damn near white girl
Why yes, I AM black!
You with your kinky hair, your wavy hair,  your “look like you got indian in your family hair”, your slick and stringy hair
Why yes, I AM black!
Your full lips, your thin venomous lips, your “I could use just a little botox lips”, your perfect lips
Why yes I AM black!
“Watch out for the big giiirls”’re full bodied, you’re big boned, you’re coke bottled shaped, your dancer’s body
Why yes, I AM black!
*singing* Your eyyyyes aaarrre grreeen. You emerald eyed girl. You black as coal eyed, chestnut or hazel eyed girl
Why yes, I AM black! 
Why yes, she IS black. May I ask what’s wrong with that?
Does she not look like, speak like, act like or think like you would have her?
What’s wrong with being black?
Better  yet, don’t call her black. 
Call her Ebony, Macassar to be exact because she’s luxurious and multi-colored. 
Call her Queen, call her Mother
She is the face of many nations
Yes, she IS…yes I AM…Yes, we ARE black!

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*The above poem is an original work by Teyah Scales*

Remember, in all things give thanks! Live…Love..Do!